Import Subscribers

An advanced importer makes it easy to import all your subscriber's data such as email, name, and any number of optional fields. Use dropdown menus to match the first row and column with all your subsciber fields. Other import specific features: -> Option to require subscriber's confirmation when importing. -> Only import addresses that have not unsubscribed to the list in the past.

Export Subscribers

Export your subscribers into a text box for easy copy/past exporting or export all your fields to a .CSV file with the click of a button.

Customizable User Subscription & UnSubscription Forms

Generate Custom Form Code or Use System Generated Code. You can have a generated form embedded into any page on your web site and set the URLs for redirection. Include success URL, error URL, awaiting opt-in URL, and more. Thus, the user never leaves your design and you have total control!.

Search Subscribers

Find subscribers you wish to modify, view, or remove fast with the search function. You can search by name, email or any number of optional fields.

Export stats to Excel

Easily export your link tracking, read statistics, and subscriber details into Excel with the click of a button.