Personalize Mailings With Subscribers Data

Easily Personalize your mailings with the subscriber's name, e-mail address, and any number of optional fields.

Sending Filters

You are able to create sending filters based on the name, email, subscription date, and any number of the optional fields you may have. For instance, you can create a sending filter that only includes subscribers who signed up after a particular date or a filter that includes everyone with bob in their name or .com in their e-mail address.

Automatic Unsubscription Link

With the click of a button you may have an automatic unsubscription link added to the bottom of your mailing. Or, if you so choose, you may insert the unsubscription link anywhere in the mailing by simply entering %UNSUBSCRIBELINK% where you wish for the link to be placed.

Web Version of Message

By simply entering %WEBCOPYLINK% anywhere within your html message, a link will be produced. When clicked on a web version of that message will be displayed while maintaining read/open tracking along with link tracking. Useful for subscribers unable to view your HTML mailings properly in their email client.

Forward to Friend

To create a link that allows to you to forward to a friend use the tag %PERS_FRIEND%. This directs you to a page that asks your name, friend’s email, friend’s name, and a personalized message. After filling out the form the friend receives a “thought you may be interested in this mailing” letter with a link on the bottom. To create a clickable link that will forward the mailing to a friend you can use the format Click here to forward to a friend.

Update Account Information

To create a link that allows your subscriber to update their account (such as email, name and any optional fields). To create a clickable link that will allow your subscribers to update account information you can use the format Click here to forward to friend.