Double Opt-In/Out Options

Double Opt-In/Out Options When turned on it requires the subscriber to confirm their subscription by clicking on a confirmation link that is sent to their e-mail address. You may turn the Double Opt-In and the Double Opt-Out features on and off separately. Fully customizable and you can have your opt-in/out messages set for HTML or text.

Confirmation Mailings

Turn this on or off, as you prefer, for subscriptions or unsubscriptions. When turned on it sends a previously entered message to the user after they have successfully subscribed to the list.

Customizable Subscription & UnSubscription Forms

Generate Custom Form Code or Use System Generated Code. The choice is yours. Have a generated form embedded into any page of your website and set the URL's for redirection. Including success URL, error URL, awaiting opt-in URL and more. Thus the user never leaves your design and you have total control!

Time-Sensitive Auto Responders

Easily add any number of time-sensitive auto responders to any of your lists. For instance, you can have an instant auto responder that welcomes the new subscriber, have a message automatically sent 24 hrs after their subscription, and have another mailing sent a week later. Add HTML or text auto responders to any of your lists with ease.

Allow Subscribers to Modify their subscription details

By entering %UPDATEPROFILE% anywhere in your mailings, creates a clickable link that allows the subscriber to update subscription information; such as name and optional fields.

Templates, Headers, & Footers

Multiple areas of pre-set content for use on redundant mailings or on a company header for each mailing. Save time and headaches with preset content to work off of. Also, you have the ability to use already sent messages as a template for a future mailing.

Remind Non-Confirmed Subscribers

For users that have not fully completed thier opt-in message you can send a simple reminder message that allows them to complete the opt-in process.

Turn On Alert for New Subscribers

In the General Settings page you can specify an email address for each list to be alerted when a new subscriber is added. This is ideal for smaller / low traffic lists.