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Direct e-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain the interest of your core client-base and to build your brands. This Web based email marketing software allows you to send permission based mailings to lists of subscribers. Hundreds of powerful features to optimize your email campaigns Penta Email Marketing Solution makes the process simple, and provides all the tools you'll need to take full advantage of the medium. It allows you to maintain mailing lists for any number of clients. This software makes it simple to send targeted mailings to subgroups within any of your lists based on interests, location, previous activity, or any other information you store.

We are providing the industry-leading statistical tools for the email marketing and it is the leading web-based email marketing software for creating, managing, and extending your email marketing & auto responder campaigns. With no monthly fees and need for technical expertise, it is a great solution for a beginner or advanced email marketing user. Take full advantage of all the email marketing possibilities include graphical reports, list segmenting, subscriber actions, detailed subscriber tracking and much more! By using this email marketing software, will help you improve your email marketing campaigns. Here are a couple of the benefits you should be aware of:

No monthly fees. Ever: Our email marketing software installs on your own web server. That means you do not have to pay those pricey monthly fees found with many email marketing services.

No subscriber limits or email sending limits: Penta Email Marketing Solution is a web application that is installed on your web server/hosting account. Therefore, we do not charge or limit you with subscriber limits or email sending limits!

Extensive reporting and campaign analysis: Expand upon your current email marketing practices and find out what will work better for future campaigns. Our full suite of reporting options allow you to analyze individual campaigns, perform split testing, and more. Find what gives you the best read/open rate, click rate, and more!

Full Auto Responder Capabilities: Setup any number of auto responders. Have certain mailings be sent after a subscriber subscribes and then additional campaigns at timed intervals (such as 24 hours later, 2 months after that, etc..) Even target these mailings to certain demographics or subscriber details.